W.E. Given Contracting: Family, Experience, Innovation

Try to imagine what’s it like to practice social distancing on a commercial painting job site. Consider how difficult it is to wash hands, wear masks, wipe brushes, and refrain from sharing equipment, ladders, brushes and buckets.

These kinds of adjustments are time consuming, awkward and uncomfortable. But W.E. Given Contracting developed a plan to address the logistics of working during a pandemic and they’re sticking to it while their work continues on projects like schools and hospitals which operate 24/7/365.

W.E. Given is a mother-daughter business that was launched in 1971. Both Pat Given and her daughter Tamera Yocom are involved in every aspect of the business. Estimator/project manager Kim Tingley, with more than 45 years of industry experience, is also an integral part of the company’s daily operation.

Currently, there are 32 employees employed by W.E. Given.

“We have many years of experience with all types of commercial painting projects including new construction, restoration, maintenance and tenant improvement projects,” said Pat Given. “We have an extensive background working in the challenging environments of fully operational, up-and-running projects including hospitals, nursing and retirement facilities, educational facilities and large retail store chains.”

W.E. Given offers a full range of professional services with expertise in a wide variety of applications in commercial and light industrial painting and protective coatings. But right now, they’re something of a doggy day care with 17-year-old Sadie in the background barking.

Despite the casual atmosphere, the experienced folks at W.E. Given take painting and problem-solving seriously, especially because of conditions in the Pacific Northwest where rain is always an issue.

W.E. Given isn’t just a contractor that uses painting as an “add-on” service. The company is solely devoted to the complex knowledge of painting and coatings and the proper surface preparation required for long-term outcomes. Specialty coatings like elastomeric coatings are an example of an important differentiator. These rubberized coatings offer 100,000 to 500,000 square foot buildings a very protective and pliable coating. But they’re not easy to apply, they’re difficult to touch and huge spray compressors are needed to apply them correctly.

Fire-proof or intumescent coatings are also something non-painting contractors and others who dabble in painting can’t or shouldn’t offer customers. Users have to be certified by the manufacturer to know how to apply these products. While it’s not something that’s often called for, these coatings provide tremendous protection for extreme conditions.

Painting buildings during a pandemic has proven to be the biggest challenge the W.E. Given team has faced in many years. But with their experience, reputation, and resiliency this is one family that knows how to adapt.

W.E. Given is a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) certified by the National Minority Supplier Development Council, Inc. (NMSDC) – Certificate Number 01340.

W.E. Given is also certified in Oregon as an MBE/WBE minority contractor, certification #1474.

For more information about W.E. Given, wegivencontracting.com.


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